UrmilaYour first crush…

The cricket captain of my school whose name I can’t remember now who the whole group had a crush on! We were not rivals and there was no exclusivity. We were all very understanding of each other’s feelings. We were all about 14 years old then.

Your first date…

Was too long ago to remember! (laughs)

Your idea of a perfect date…

Is very typical. The beach, music, champagne, chocolates and caviar and of course, a man!

What was your first relationship like?

It is too insipid to talk about now.

What do you think of lust versus love?

Two sides of the same coin.

What is romance to you?

Romance is the most important vitamin of life.

Who’d you like to get dirty with on an island?

I have too many hygiene issues, so no one really! But if I have to, then Mel Gibson.

Do you believe in the institution of marriage?

Yes, big time!

Your take on infidelity?

Not worth it…

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