Sonu Nigam“After striving here for 15 years, I finally get to have a solo concert in Paris,” yells Sonu Niigaam, upon landing at Charles de Gaulle International Airport. The full of joie de vivre singer is ready to perform on October 24 for a jam-packed house comprising Indians and French diplomats at Le Palais De Congres in Paris. The singer accredits the efforts of local organiser Patrick Henri for making the concert possible.
It all began with a modest concert in Holland, where Henri got a taste of Hindi Cinema music and Niigaam’s vocal proficiency. After which, Henri was hell-bent on getting Niigaam to perform in Paris. The singer wasn’t too sure initially, however, Henri followed him on his tours in England and India and literally pestered him into performing before a French audience.

Says Niigaam, “Patrick has been chasing me for over two years now. Unlike the US and the UK, promoters in Paris can hardly think of roping in an Indian vocalist for a concert, so I never paid heed to him. Now he has made it possible and I’m already here four days ahead of my performance.”

The singer tells us of his plans, “It’s always advisable to arrive early when one is performing in a foreign country for the first time. I simply wanted to get a pulse of the place here.

Apart from lending my voice to a French song along with a local artiste, I’ll also be singing my usual numbers. I also intend to do some impromptu instrumental music.”

It is not well known that Sonu is a big Jim Morrison fan. While in Paris, he intends to visit the legendary rock star’s burial site at Le Pere Lachaise Cemetery in eastern Paris. “Even before I get a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower, I have to pay homage to Jim Morrison with a Jack Daniel bottle,” he declares.

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