Sherlyn ChopraRahul Rawail recently offered Sherlyn Chopra the lead in his forthcoming comic caper Budda Mil Gaya with Paresh Rawal. But surprisingly, she has decided to let it pass.

“Rahulji is a veteran filmmaker, and Pareshji is an institution of acting himself. I respect them both immensely,” quips the actor. But what she is uncomfortable about is that the role is that of a bimbette. “I don’t mind portraying a woman considered sexually provocative, but I have strong apprehensions about playing a character where a woman is shown mentally vacuous, unintelligent, air-headed or dimwitted.”

The kind of films this lady is considering are the more substantial ones like Vinod Pande’s forthcoming film Red Swastik in which she plays a psychopath killer — on the lines of Charlize Theron’s role in Monster. Now, that’ll be some ‘monstrous’ feat!

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