Riya SenThe bed of roses is a passe now, thanks to a scene in an upcoming film where the two lovers are shown on a bed of red-hot chillis.

It may not be your idea of romance, but you have to admit it’s different. A scene has been shot with Riya Sen and Sereyas Talpade for Sangeeth Sivan’s film Apna Sapna Money Money in which the two are shown sharing a romantic moment on a bed of red chillis.

Riya Sen’s character is that of a simple, village belle, who is introduced in the film via the scene in which Shreyas and Riya bump into each other, falling onto a bed of chillis.

Humoursly, the chillis were front of a family planning ad which said Hum Do Humare Do.

However, shooting this scene was certainly not fun for Riya and Shreyas. In an attept to get the shot right, the scene had to be shot several times, wih the two having to fall repetivally on the bed of chillis. Moreover, it was a hot day and the chillis were dry and prickly.

Just a few shots in and Riya’s skin began to burn and she began to sneeze ferociously. In an attempt to cool the pain, she had ice rubbed all over her shoulders and neck to take the sting of the chillis away. It took the entire day to finally get the shot right.

As a result, Riya says she will never forget the ordeal. The things our actors do for their craft!

Apna Sapna Money Money is a comedy about several characters all out for, you guessed it, money. In addition to Riya and Shreyas, the film also stars Ritesh Deshmukh, Celina Jaitley, Koena Mitra, Sunil Shetty, Jackie Shroff and Payal Rohatgi.

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