KaranKaran Johar is contemplating dropping the letter ‘K’! No, not from his name, but his whole fixation with the alphabet in the creative light of things. And it’s not a tarot reader or an astrologer who has advised him to do so.

“When I walked out of the cinema after watching Lage Raho Munnabhai in New York, I thought I should drop the K. It was the effect the film had on me. It inspires you to tell the truth and fills you with inspiration, it is too convenient to lie. So, if I do drop the K, it will be courtesy Munnabhai and this is the first time I am saying this!” says Karan who is currently in London.

So is he saying he won’t be superstitious any more? �Superstition is a state of mind. With determination and sincerity, one can overcome superstitions and gain power. I want to overcome this and become more powerful. That is not to say I will drop the K from my name and become Aran! laughs Karan. “Also, K is a very overburdened alphabet in the film industry and I think I should relieve it of any stress and step out,” he says and adds, “I’ve gone through the whole process of finding out the future and I now want to live in the present. Let the future pave the way for me without me knowing it.”

And the future certainly looks bright as he is set to screen KANK at the Hamburg Film Festival in Germany and he is also readying the film for a German release.

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