Amisha PatelThis year, Diwali has been extra special for Ameesha Patel. Ask her the reason and she says with delight, “This is the first time, after a very long time, that my grandmother (dadi) has come to Mumbai from Pune to spend Diwali with me!”
For Ameesha, who’s estranged from her parents and brother, her grandmother “is the only family and support I have. She is the sole being of my existence and she’s been there with me on all important occasions.

Nothing else matters for me but her.” Because of her special guest, Ameesha says that she’s decorated her home with extra care this year. And she’s going to be gorging on sweets what with her sweet tooth and it being the festive season. “I’m going to binge and after Diwali, I’ll work out harder with my trainer Prashant,” she says.

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