Himesh ReshammiyaThis is the name of the music school that Himesh Reshammiya intends to open all across the country. Himesh has already changed the face of music industry and this is his attempt to change the face of music in the country. He has plans to open music schools and make music accessible to the young and old. His school will have amateur and the professional musician in an equal place. Telling more about it Himesh says, “I’m opening a hi-tech music school to be called Himesh Reshammiya School Of Music all over the country, starting from Mumbai, Delhi, Madras and Kolkata. There will be two centers in each town. It’s a very huge project. Italian architects have being roped in for their expertise for the interiors. I want to change the face of music schools in this country. With my school I intend to do away with make the process of music learning friendly rather than forbidding. The important thing is to get people interested in music as a career option. The students could range from six to 60, but the bottom line is that I want music to be made both fun and meditative. I want this school to become like shopping mall or a multiplex where people can relax.”Not only this he also has plans to open schools outside India. “In Phase 2 we will take it to the non-metro centers. I intend developing a syllabus, which incorporates different genres of music. My school will endeavor to bring forth the best talent to the film industry. I want to bridge the gap between trained classic musicians and popular cinema. Whatever I’ve gained from music I want to pass on to the young generations. I had such little guidance when I was starting out. Now I want youngsters to get the opportunities I didn’t.”

Himesh is truly in his way to become a legend!

Source : IMO

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