Hema Malini“Esha is a very protective daughter. When she came into movies, she was very unsure about how to go about her career. Even I wasn’t sure about whom to approach. That phase brought us closer together, I had done nothing to jump-start my own career, so how would I know how to go about Esha’s?”

Those initial days

‘I thought she wasn’t photographed well in her first few films. It took me many films to discover my best angles on camera. I looked so ugly in my first film, Sapnon Ka Saudagar. I was so thin I felt awkward about going out. I only began to understand my face and camera angles after seven to eight films. When I came in, people had zero expectations from me. With Esha, she had two well-known parents’ reputations to live up to. The girl went through hell with people constantly putting her down and ripping her apart, I think that’s when Esha and I came closer together. Dhoom turned her career around. The clothes and styling were a bit alarming though. But we had been properly warned by Aditya Chopra. He had said, ‘Forget that she’s Hema Malini’s daughter and forget she has to look like Hema Malini.’ But I never insisted on Esha looking and behaving like me. I want Esha to be completely different from me.”

Esha Deol with Hema MaliniLike mother, like daughter

“Basically, Esha is conservative, like me. She won’t reveal too much. Even when I urge her to wear shorts because they look cute on her, she gives me an icy glare. She has inherited that dignity from me. In fact, I have to push her to find a man for herself! I can’t tie her down to some Iyenger Brahmin boy. I want her to find the right man. I’d never encourage her to just have boyfriends for the heck of it. I want her to find a man and continue with her career. Esha gets angry when I tell her to find someone. But I see marriages breaking up because girls aren’t selecting the right person.”

To be the best

“I want Esha to be the best in the industry. But she has to work really hard.”

1. Suchitra Sen - Moon Moon Sen
2. Moon Moon Sen - Riya and Raima
3. Sharmila Tagore - Soha Ali Khan
4. Goldie Hawn - Kate Hudson
5. Blythe Danner - Gwyneth Paltrow
6. Aparna Sen - Konkona Sens harma
7. Judy Garland - Liza Minnelli
8. Ingrid Bergman - Isabella Rossellini
9. Angelina Jolie - Shiloh Nouvel
10. Janet Leigh - Jamie Lee Curtis
11. Imtiaz Dharker - Ayesha Dharker
12. Tanuja - Kajol

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