DonDJ San-j Sanj, among UK’s most popular Brit-Asian DJs, has been so inspired by the much awaited Don that his forthcoming youth Bollywood night on Friday, the 13th October to be held at London’s Soho Spice is being deemed ‘Don Night’.

He will be mixing up the best in Bollywood, Bombass, 70′s and 80′s, while ‘ULTIMATE PLAYAZ’ will provide the R’n'B.

Additionaly highlights on the night will be: Brown Exploitation retro lounge mix as well as Special Don Cocktails: The Don, Paan Benares Wala and Pyaar Ka Deewana.

If that wasn’t enough, UTV UK will be supplying Don CDs and postersas giveaways on the night.

If you plan to attend the event, remember, the dress code requires guests to come dressed in a Don theme.

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