Dino MoreaDino Morea has been shooting in Manali of late. And incidentally, itís the very same place where he had a terrible accident and neardeath experience three years ago while shooting for Ssshhh…

He along with co-stars Tanisha, Gaurav Kapur and director Pavan Kaul (who was at the wheel) were driving in a jeep to their location when the vehicle skidded on black ice (thin layer of water on the road invisible to the naked eye) and it dropped into a 45-foot deep valley, with all of them incurring multiple injuries. And this time round, when he went to the same place to shoot for Pavan Kaulís Brahm with Milind Soman and Sheetal Menon, he was all shaken up. ďIt is so uncanny that I went to shoot with the same director at the very same place!

The only difference was there was no accident this time round,Ē says Dino. And goes on, ďThe accident spot was right next to the hotel where we were staying and everytime we passed the spot, Pavan and I were thanking God we are alive. It made me feel how lucky I am to be alive and healthy and just how beautiful life is. But of course, I was apprehensive about shooting there and was very nervous too, given the horrible memory of the accident. I was trembling with fear inside, even though I was all macho from the outside. For Godís sake, Iíd fractured my cheek bone and not to mention the other head, rib and shoulder injuries I had! I didnít realise what destiny and fate was all about till that unfortunate accident. But now, I have started believing in destiny.Ē

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