Celina JaitleyIt`s not the first time that Celina Jaitley has been complimented on her Latin American looks.

She is almost accustomed to hear this question, Given your Latin-American looks, haven`t you got any offers from Hollywood yet?? She is quick to revert, I haven`t received offers from Hollywood filmmakers, but from managers abroad. I received offers for German films, at a time when I hadn`t even started work on Indian films. I didn`t want to get into that territory without stepping into Bollywood. I would hate to say that I have Latin American looks. Honestly, I think I have a very Indian face.

It`s true that I`ve done only glamourous roles so far, but I get the maximum compliments about my looks when I am very desi, very Indian. Be Indian, look Indian? that`s great attitude, girl!

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