Amrita RaoEveryone knows that petite, pretty Amrita Rao is a strict vegan since she was a little girl. And all she eats are healthy greens (with tofu, daals, soya and pastas thrown in); but she enjoys watching others eat high-protein chicken, fish, shrimp and other assorted meats.

When in Thailand the actor visited a mock food that is pure veggie but resembles the smells and flavour of different non-veg dishes. And Amrita landed up at one such mock restaurant with her mom. And when she started eating her food each time she would take a bite and worry, Mom, this tastes like chicken. I remember it from my childhood… are you sure it isnt chicken? … Mom, this ones like fish … are you sure …!

This went on for some time, until a monk sitting at the next table went up to her and patiently explained that it was all mock food and nothing there was meaty. In fact, he wanted to know if she was also a monk of some sort, who was so particular about her diet. Only then did Amrita relax and savour the khaana. As for the monk bit, well, one will have to ask her Vivaah crew just how disciplined the little mocktail was.

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